About Us

RESPONSIBLE CONTRACTOR SUPPLIES has been established to assist professionals in the concrete and construction industries to ethically, economically and safely deal with the issues that they face on a daily basis.

We understand that there is a growing demand from all of your customers to provide 1st class service and quality work at a great price. At the same time you are facing growing demands from a range of stakeholders – Customers, Regulators (such as WorkCover), Employees and even Insurance Companies  – to provide solutions that;

  1. Work for your customers;
  2. Are safe for your people;
  3. Do not harm the environment and
  4. Are good for your bottom line.

We can help.

We are an ON-LINE SHOP with a range of environmentally benign industrial cleaning and maintenance products that are specifically designed for the concrete, construction and mining industries. We will be working hard to grow this range over time to service the growing needs of Australia’s modern “Responsible Contractors”.

Our products define the Gold Standard in performance, safety and positive environmental impact.

Initially our range consists of key products manufactured by RoMix Industries in Texas, USA and imported to Australia exclusively by Easy Clean Solutions plus locally sourced application equipment.

Back-Set– Molecular Cement Dissolver is a NON-DANGEROUS GOOD to clean your concrete and cement equipment without corrosive acids or dangerous fumes.

Back-Set Platinum– Super Strong, Super Safe Cement Dissolver for high value jobs when you need to go a bit further.

Body Guard – Super Slick Anti-Stick Barrier to keep your equipment clean and maintenance costs down.

Asphalt Dissolve – To remove Asphalt and Tar from your equipment without solvents and dangerous fumes.

Application Equipment – A range of quality Foamers & Sprayers.

We look forward to growing our range soon and would welcome your feedback.