Question 1: How does Back-Set work?

A: Back-Set uses a unique method for dissolving concrete or cement. The active ingredient in Back-Set is derived from Sugar Cane and it simply breaks down the molecular bonds in the “Portland” in cement. Portland is the chief binding agent in cement so once the Back-Set is applied as a foam or liquid it quickly breaks hard set cement down into a loose “mud” that can be brushed or washed away.

Question 2: Who should use Back-Set?

A: Back-Set can be used by anyone that uses tools or equipment for the mixing, application or management of Cement or Concrete. The list of customers includes Concrete Pumping and Mixing Contractors, Construction Companies, Cement Companies, Shotcreters, Mining (especially underground mining), Tilers, Pool builders, Renderers, and many more.

Question 3: Is Back-Set Safe?

A: Back-Set is extremely safe. Unlike the Acids that have been used over the years to clean hard cement Back-Set is NOT A DANGEROUS GOOD therefore it does not require the extensive storage and handling controls that are specified by regulators such as WorkCover. We always recommend that our customers wear gloves and eye protection as a matter of course but Back-Set does not require the same safety considerations as acids. It does not contain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s) and it DOES NOT GENERATE FUMES OR ODOURS  therefore it can be used in enclosed spaces with little risk. It is not highly corrosive so it will not damage your underlying machinery or tools and it is extremely gentle on paint, plastics and rubber – In fact it is gentle on everything except concrete!

Question 4: How do I use Back-Set?

A: The full directions for use are available for download from our website however applying Back-Set is quite simple. Ensure that the surface you are spraying on to is as DRY AS POSSIBLE then simply spray Back-Set on the affected area either as a foam or a liquid and leave it to do its work for approx. 15 up to 45 Minutes (depending on the application) then wash or brush to remove the loose “mud”. If the hard set cement you are treating is particularly thick you may require more than one application to remove successive layers of concrete with each spray. Make sure that the surface is dry before you apply a second application.

Question 5: When Shouldn't I use Back-Set?

A: Back-Set should not be applied to UNSEALED surfaces. For example, unsealed bricks or mortars that contain Portland cement will be affected by Back-Set and may leave staining. Galvanised metals may also show staining after application of Back-Set though we believe this staining, while unsightly, will not affect the integrity of the galvanised surface. Back-Set should not be applied to WET surfaces as water will dilute the chemical reaction and reduce the effectiveness of Back-Set. We also recommend that Back-Set is not applied to extremely hot surfaces as this will cause the Back-Set to evaporate before it can penetrate.

Question 6: Why is Back-Set Good for the environment?

A: Back-Set is derived from a natural extract of Sugar Cane syrup that is an alternative to dangerous acids such as Muriatic, Hydrochloric, Hydroflouric, Sulphuric or Phosphoric acids. Back-Set;

  • Does not contain Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s),
  • Is Non-Toxic,
  • 90% Biodegradable in 7 days
  • Phosphate Free
  • Chloride Free
  • Not a registered “Dangerous Good”.

Question 7: What is the difference between Back-Set & Back-Set Platinum?

A: Back-Set Platinum contains more of the active ingredient than standard Back-Set therefore a single application will work more quickly and will remove more concrete than standard Back-Set. Back-Set is pre-diluted to the optimum concentration while Platinum can be applied in its concentrated form or diluted to extend its coverage. We recommend Platinum for high impact and high value applications where speed and effectiveness are essential.

Question 8: How does Body Guard work?

A: Body-Guard is a super slick surface coating that provides a protective barrier to the surface of your equipment. It contains a super slick but extremely safe wax that sticks to your equipment surface and discourages the build-up of contamination from cement, dirt, water and mud. Body Guard is applied to a clean, dry surface after it has been cleaned by Back-Set. It is sprayed on to the surface as a liquid and allowed to dry completely. If it is applied after every application of Back-Set you will notice an increased resistance to concrete and dirt over time which will significantly reduce the task of cleaning and will protect your equipment from corrosion. Using Back-Set and Body Guard in tandem will extend the life of your equipment and reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Question 9: Ok these products sound great, How do I order them?

A: Responsible Contractor Supplies is an On-line shop. Visit the product pages on this web site and simply add a product to your shopping cart. Once you have chosen your products enter your payment details and we will deliver your product to your preferred delivery address as soon as possible.

Question 10: How do I pay?

A: We accept Credit Card payments and Pay Pal. Please note Visa & Mastercard purchases are free but American Express and Diners Club payments attract a small surcharge to reflect the higher cost of the transaction.

Question 11: How will my product be delivered?

A: Depending on your order size and delivery location we will deliver either by Australia Post Parcel service or our specialised courier network. Our website will calculate your expected freight cost at the time you place your order so you will know what you will be paying.

Question 12: What if I'm not happy with my product purchase?

A: We are extremely confident that if applied correctly you will be happy with the results of your purchases however if you use Back-Set as directed and do not achieve the required outcome we will refund your purchase price and collect any unwanted product.